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In an especially trying divorce, the woman I was married to did everything in her power to sabotage my relationship with our children. After multiple attorneys that were grossly under qualified to represent me, I retained Ms. Rogers at the insistence of a friend. Ms. Rogers was able to accomplish more in one month, than my prior attorney did in a year. Her knowledge, experience, and expertise are second only to her care and compassion with which she approaches each individual client and their needs. Ms. Rogers has never left me feeling like a client. I wouldn’t hesitate to count her amongst my friends. My only regret is that I didn’t retain her services sooner. I am proud to say that because of Ms. Rogers, my relationship with my children has been restored. Ms. Rogers is a seasoned professional; who’s willingness to rise above the rest in the most complex situations, puts her in a class by herself. Anyone would be doing themselves a favor retaining her assistance in navigating the most vexing of situations. I’m truly grateful for her and couldn’t possibly thank her enough for all she’s done.

Jonathan S. Cedar City, Utah